Just a few of the stories from the front lines as Chappy & Friends project East Oakland Pet Support helps low and no income pet owners and their pets! EOPS’s Founder Constance Baechler continues to make big strides in keeping pets out of the shelter by intervening early.

Ace of Hearts

Ace of Hearts was loaded into our vehicle on a piece of cardboard provided by his former owner because he was too weak to stand. Despite significant blood loss and shock, Ace was stabilized and healed from the wounds another dog on the premises inflicted. Adopted!


Bubba and Buster

Bubba and Buster are two wiggling bundles of love, even to the vet! These chihuahua dachshund brothers were part of a litter of five. Their Mom has since gotten spayed with EOPS’ assistance, and the brothers are neutered and have their vaccines up to date 🙂


Baby Girl and Tracy

Mother and daughter pitties much loved by their owner, who brought them to get vaccines and also received ongoing food donations through EOPS.