1. Please refer to your Chappy & Friends’ Project Agreement for relevant individual project policies.
  2. All funds are required to be spent on the agreed upon project and may not result in private benefit. Periodic reporting of the results of your activities is required. This includes full documentation of the funds spent.
  3. Chappy & Friends’ projects that are not corporations will receive 1099’s at the end of the year. This will require you to show this as income on an IRS 1040, Schedule C detailing your activities. Note that you are allowed to claim your expenses in conducting these activities as an offset on the Schedule C.
  4. Chappy & Friends requires a positive contribution to the welfare of animals from all of its projects. Practices that are outside generally agreed upon best practices may result in revocation of a project’s agreement with Chappy & Friends.
  5. Attempts to delegitimize other Chappy & Friends’ projects, or those operating on behalf of animals in general, through innuendo, rumor, insult, or other means, online or offline, may result in revocation of a project’s agreement with Chappy & Friends. We will not condone or associate ourselves with such practices. Chappy & Friends is about the animals only. We keep our egos out of it and you should too.
  6. Chappy & Friends projects pay a transaction fee of 7% of funds raised.
  7. You must be a current member to be a Chappy & Friends’ project. There is a membership fee of $120/year. (No rebates on the annual fee.)