October 25, 2018

Chappy & Friends is happy to report that our projects have raised a total of over $209,000 to date in 2018!

Our project raises include:


Caplypso Equestrian has raised $180,025. They rehabilitate and retrain former show horses to become pets.

Funds have been disbursed to help them maintain their ranch and stables, provide health care and feed for their horses, and to provide for training.


East Oakland Pet Support has raised a total of $14,760. Valuable support has been provided to the pets of those that are most vulnerable in the East Oakland area. Veterinary care, food, and supplies are among the things for which money has been distributed.


Lernie’s Legacy has raised a total over $10,500. They provide support to help pay vetting, pull fees, transport costs, and promotion costs for animal rescued across the United States. The eventual goal is to have a rescue property on which Lernie’s Legacy can carry out its mission.


The Animal Doe Project has raised a total of $2,276.99. The Animal Doe Project was started by Martha Smith-Blackmore, the forensic veterinary investigator instrumental in providing evidence used to convict the Puppy Doe perpetrator. She is our newest project.